Everything you wanted to know about Furnished Serviced Apartments in Gurgaon Rentals

If you are searching for long stay serviced apartments, chances are you stumbled across furnished apartments. A furnished apartment contains the things you will need to live comfortably during your stay, furnished apartments usually come equipped with furniture, basic kitchen appliances and tableware, bathroom necessities such as a shower curtain, a washer/dryer set, and possibly a few other amenities.

serviced-apartments-gurgaonLiving Room Furniture –

Sofa, Loveseat or chair, Coffee table, Lamps, Color TV with remote, DVD player etc. will all be included. Corporate rentals might have more upscale furniture, while medical stay rentals could be more basic with minimal furniture. living room furnished.

Bedroom Furniture –

serviced-apartment-bedroom-corporatestay-inBed, Dresser and mirror, Nightstand and lamp, Framed art, Television and closet storage will definitely be included in your rental. You should certainly inquire about the bed size, and whether or not linens are also included (sheets, comforters, pillow cases, other blankets, etc.). Don’t be the person sleeping on a bare mattress with beach towels as blankets. Not a good look.


corporatestay-in-serviced-apartments-gurgaonElectronics & Entertainment –

There will likely be a telephone and a television, and if so, the cable and phone services are probably included in your monthly rent. Some places will provide stereo equipment, and or a DVD/Gaming system. Now a days all world satellite channels are included in the price of your apartment.

Kitchen –

The basics will always be available, including:  appliances (microwave, toaster, oven, stove, coffee maker, etc.) cookware, bakeware, dish towels and scrubbing gear, potholders, utensils, dishes for dining, and a mixture of spatulas, peelers, measuring cups and spoons and other cooking gear. Additionally, there should be some minimal spices like salt and pepper shakers. If you are staying with a corporatestay.in serviced apartment, you will get a can opener, tupperware, and a dishwasher. The collection of dishes and cooking ware in the kitchen might be random as previous tenants tend to leave behind things like that. kitchen furnished

Bathroom –

corurgaonporatestay.in g
serviced apartment bathroom

Of course there will be a toilet and shower/bath. You should also find bath rugs, shower curtains and sink accessories like a toothbrush holder or cup. Corporatestay.in serviced apartments, towels are also included.

Cleaning supplies –

Hint hint, they want you to use it. A mop and/or possibly a vacuum will be there. Your mom is not included in the furnished rental, so keep that in mind when the dishes and dirt starts to pile up.

Utilities – 

It is very common for furnished apartments to include utilities and other bills in the rental cost. Make sure to ask about exactly what is provided and what isn’t. You may have to get your own internet service. In Corporatestay.in Serviced Apartments free Wi-Fi and world satellite channels are included. However, the electricity is charged separately as per use.

Additional Services –

Do they have a housekeeping service? Laundry service? Worth asking, although be advised it won’t be free. It may be cheaper to have your parents over for a few hours, because you know your mom can’t stand the mess or the dirty laundry piles. In Corporatestay.in Serviced Apartments in Gurgaon, housekeeping and linen change is provided as per as per guest requirements.

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