Smoke On A Plate: Best Sizzlers in Gurgaon!!

At almost all restaurants where sizzlers are served , a person who has not ordered a sizzler gets distracted by smokey aromas and the soothing sound of the sizzler served at the adjacent table thinking “Damn! Why didn’t I order a sizzler ? It looks rather delicious and smells sooo gooood!”

A sizzler is technically a hot plate of smokey sizzling platter of delicious combination of various veggies, chicken, lamb, sea food and other proteins paired up with saucy noodles or rice. It is like a complete hot steamy meal which can make anyone within smelling distance salivate and crave for it .

listed below :


Serving North Indian , Chinese and Continental in DLF phase 1. Under Sizzlers, they serve Vegetable Cutlet Sizzler, Paneer Tikka Sizzler, Paneer Grilled Sizzler, Chilli Chicken Sizzler, Schezuan Chicken Sizzler, Grilled Fish in Lemon Garlic Sauce Sizzler and loads more ! This is Just the place for Desserts, Sizzlers, Kathi Rolls and Fancy Crepes like Mushy Mushy , Popeye , Hamlet and many other funky crepes !

Gola Sizzlers

Serving Chinese, North Indian and Continental Sizzlers and other dishes, Much loved all around Delhi NCR as well as in sector 29 in Gurgaon. Its is famous for providing a vast variety of sizzlers which are devoured by all. They serve Chinese veg sizzlers like Mushroom Satay Sizzler, Vegetable Manchurian Sizzler, Mix Veg Hot Garlic Sauce Sizzler , Their Special : Cottage Cheese in Garlic Sauce Sizzler and loads more in this category .

Under Indian Veg Sizzlers, they serve Tawa Vegetable Sizzler and Veg Seekh Kebab Sizzler .

For Continental Lovers, They get Veg Pasta Sizzler, Indonesian Vegetable Omelet Sizzler and Cheese Cutlet and Cottage Cheese Shashlik Sizzler.

Coming to Nonveg, there’s Gola Hotch Potch Sizzler, Supreme Chicken Sizzler and loads more under continental !

Gola Sizzlers do specialise in Indian and Chinese Non veg Sizzlers. Some of them are Fish Tikka Sizzler, Chicken/ Mutton Biryani Sizzler,Angara Chicken Sizzler, Non veg Combo Sizzler, Prawns in Garlic Sauce Sizzler, Fish Manchurian Sizzler and ample more.

It’s almost a crime to miss out on these ! Definitely go and get your mind blown!


Serving Continental and American in Ambience Mall, Gurgaon. Kobe is world renowned for its sizzlers and being American, one can expect Sizzlers of Steak Kobe Style, Hamburger Steak, Steak Satellite, Assorted Meat Sizzlers, Chicken Shashlik, Fish Sizzler, Jumbo Prawns on a Sizzling Plate, Lamb Chops Sizzler, Hokkaido Chicken and many more which are served with boiled vegetables, grilled onions, french fries and mashed potatoes. There are special sizzlers for kids in both veg and non veg. For vegetarians, There’s Veg Sizzler, Cottage Cheese with Noodles & Mushroom, Veg Exotica, Spaghetti with Cheese Sizzler and many more . Other dishes served by Kobe includes Tenderloin Steaks, Lamb Chops in Red Wine Sauce, Crispy Cajun Chicken, Herb Crusted Salmon and many other delicacies. Serving a perfect  sizzler meal ending with a perfect Sizzling Brownie with Ice Cream is How one receives happiness at Kobe Sizzler .


Moets serving North Indian and Chinese all over Delhi NCR and DLF Phase 2, Gurgaon has been among the favourites ! They serve Mixed Grill Sizzlers, Moets Special Chicken Steak Sizzlers, Chicken Shashlik Sizzlers, Grilled Spring Chicken Sizzlers, Grilled Lamb Chops Sizzlers, Cottage Cheese Sizzlers, Veg Shashlik Sizzlers and Mix Veg Sizzlers. They serve Rolls, Biryanis, Kadhai Jheenga, Murgh Makhni, Malai Kofta, Subz Panchmel, Pindi Chole, Tandoori Bharwan Khumb , Chicken Banjara , Reshmi Seekh Kebab and various Fish Starters. One can find Lebanese Platters and good authentic Chinese Food . If one craves for good Chinese and Indian Sizzlers perfectly paired with platters from different cuisines , this is the place to be at!

Tandoori Sizzlers

Serving Mughlai and North Indian in DLF Phase 4,Gurgaon, a Pocket Friendly place with not just amazing sizzlers but amazing sizzling curries too. Being one of the Best Sizzler joints in the city, they serve Tandoori Platter Sizzler both Veg and Non Veg, Tandoori Chicken Sizzler, Chicken Tikka Sizzler, Seekh Kebab Sizzler, Paneer Tikka Sizzler, Tandoori Soya Chaap, Mushroom Sizzler and Hara Bhara Kebab Sizzler. Loads of Tandoori Snacks like Murgh Bhatti Ka and Surkh Tandoori Murgh , Peshawari Mutton Chaap ,Veg Lahori Seekh Kebab are served. For a person craving for some Mughal delight , this is just the perfect place where one can enjoy steamy sizzlers with tandoori snacks and curries !

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